Frequently Asked Questions

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How do we continue to serve you after installation?

We offer the first year's maintenance, which is included with the installation. After the first year, maintenance service contracts are offered, including:

  • Checking bulbs
  • Cleaning lenses
  • Making minor adjustments to fixtures if foliage has grown around
  • Trimming and minor pruning around fixtures
  • Adjusting timing clocks
  • Checking wire runs for malfunction due to animals or accidental abrasion from lawn care equipment
What damage will occur to my landscaping?

Unlike Line voltage-type lighting, which requires deep trenches and disrupts lawns and landscaping, we use mostly hand tools to run wire and place fixtures in 6" slit trenches. In some cases, a small trenching blade is used. Usually, the only evidence that we were there would be the wonderful lighting effects.

How does a NY Landscape Lighting system compare to a big home store lighting kit?

A professionally designed and installed lighting system uses components and techniques. We use only copper and brass fixtures for 15 years, and we have lifetime warranties. When you feel one of our fixtures in your hands during the consultation, you will see and feel the difference.

How much does one of your landscape lighting systems cost?

Depending on your property features, smaller systems start around $2,000 and take 1-2 days to complete. Medium-sized projects are about $4,000-$6,000 and take 3-5 days. Larger-size projects cost $6000 and up.

I would like to reduce my energy consumption. Can you help?

We sure can. Low voltage lighting uses about 1/3 of the energy as line voltage. Low voltage 35- 50-watt lamps can replicate 75-watt line voltage lamps. With the new LED lamps we have available, power consumption is reduced even more.

Do I need to plan ahead for a landscape lighting system?

Most of our projects are installed on existing landscaping. If you are having any landscaping or hardscaping done first, have 1″ Schedule 40 conduits run under any patio, walkway, or driveway hardscaping if possible. If your home is new construction, ask that a dedicated GFCI outlet be placed outside in a convenient location to areas of your property.

How is my new system controlled?

Most of our systems use a hassle-free design, utilizing a combination of photocell and timer. This turns your system on automatically at dark and turns off at a desired time. We also offer remote-control and motion-controlled home automation systems if you desire. These home automation controls can tie into any existing lighting scene in the home.

What is the transformer?

The transformer is the unit that converts the line voltage power from the home into low voltage power for our fixtures. All of our wiring goes into the transformer cabinet, which is usually mounted on the side of the home near available power outlets. Timers and photocell controls are connected in this cabinet.