How to choose an outdoor lighting company

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Niche Lighting Greenwich, Ct.
Greenwich, CT -Using the right fixture for each application is important.


Many lighting companies only use one type of fixture in all their designs and offer the same cookie cutter design no matter the property or architecture to be lit. This means they are limited in the effects and design they can provide you. You do not want to be limited to only an untrained limited outdoor lighting perspective if you choose the wrong outdoor lighting company. We have 15 years experience designing proper landscape lighting systems throughout Westchester County, Greenwich, New Canaan, and Ridgefield Ct.

A well trained design team will choose the right fixture for each lighting tasks. We do not use only one brand or type of landscape lighting fixtures in our Lighting Designs. There are numerous types of lamps used in lighting design with different fixtures to properly hold them and create the right look.

Some fixtures are used in the trees to cast a soft light down onto the ground and features below. Moonlights cast a soft glow and highlight property features.

Moonlighting- Larchmont, NY
Larchmont, NY Outdoor Lighting Installation.

Taller fixtures may be used to illuminate a path or flower bed.

Modern Path Light Installation. Mamaroneck, NY

Below, we use our China Hat Path light fixtures to softly light the path around this pool area. This pool had many steps and walkways that safely need to be navigated. So we used a combination of path lighting and tree accent landscape to bring this outdoor lighting scene to life.

North Salem Outdoor Lighting
Path Lighting and Tree Uplighting- North Salem, NY

In our next blog article we will discuss two more lighting techniques.

Architectural Lighting and Uplighting on trees and focal point features.

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